2017 Team
Team member since 2014 Julian is the father of two, a workaholic, and an adventure racing junky.  Originally from Alaska, he now lives with his family in Denver, CO. Julian has mastered the technical skills required for the modern adventure athlete: rock and ice climbing, map and compass navigation, canyoneering, class V kayaking, paddle raft […]
6208989-8150730Team member since 2014

Julian is the father of two, a workaholic, and an adventure racing junky.  Originally from Alaska, he now lives with his family in Denver, CO. Julian has mastered the technical skills required for the modern adventure athlete: rock and ice climbing, map and compass navigation, canyoneering, class V kayaking, paddle raft guiding, and tandem paragliding.  Since recovering from a spinal fracture in 2000 resulting from a paragliding accident, Julian has run 100 mile ultra-marathons, won an adventure race across Wyoming, surfed in the Gulf of Alaska, paddled the Grand Canyon (also knocked out a rim to rim to river run!), as well as skied the grueling Elk Mountain Grand Traverse and Power of Four ski-mountaineering races.  Along the way he found the courage to get back on the horse, flying paragliders. He has since retired from paragliding to focus on ultra-endurance events with Journey Racing.  Julian is a professional business jet pilot by trade.

1427136122-6037738Team member since 2014 As former captain and navigator of Team Torti, Fletcher brings leadership, experience and strategy to the team. Designer by day and adventure seeker at all other hours, he is constantly balancing family, work and his passion for AR. He has been racing in multi-sport events since 2003, earning podiums and top ten finishes in several local/regional adventure races. More recently, Fletcher has been honored for his navigation skills by competing on Team USA at the World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships as well as several of the Adventure Race World Series events since 2011 including Raid the North Extreme and the Gold Rush Mother Lode. 2nd Place at the NAARS Championship was a highlight of his 2014 season. You can learn more about Fletcher here.
1427136366-2614871Team member since 2015 Katie is the mother of 2 young girls, physical therapist and clinic owner, race director, and endurance sports-aholic.  Katie has been adventure racing since 2007 and has competed in expedition races such as Untamed New England, Florida Coast to Coast, Primal Quest, Mayan Mountain, and Goldrush Motherload. She has 50+ races under her belt and has experience lead navigating various terrains from Florida to California.  Katie also is a marathon runner and triathlete to include Ironman.

From orienteering new terrain every race to the ever-changing dynamics of the team, Katie continually finds herself interested, challenged, and excited about adventure racing. Her profession as a physical therapist has allowed her to share her belief in the importance of physical health and its benefit on emotional and mental health with others.  

ian_2_orig-2480156Team member since 2015

Ian HoagIan grew up skiing, sailing, running cross country and track and started training for triathlons in 1998. Inspired by the popular television show Eco Challenge he eventually began earning an income mountain biking in 2002, then making his leap into adventure racing with his wife as his first teammate in 2004.
Ian resides in Murray Utah with his amazing wife and two sons and enjoys his career as a professional engineer. He has his master’s degree in Nuclear Science & Engineering and a Bachelor's degree in Naval Architecture and is the president of Orienteering Utah. In his 37 years as an athlete he has taught SCUBA diving as a NAUI instructor and one of his biggest accomplishments has been participating and finishing in Primal Quest Badlands in 2009.  
Ian is an exceptional navigator and he uses this strength to compete in orienteering and ROGAINE events when he isn’t adventure racing.
Ian admits one of the finest balances in life is the balance between home and his training and racing. As Strava will reveal, you can note he does a fine job replacing his commute with biking and/or running to put his training time in. 

Ian enjoys reading and map examination. Some of his favorite books include; Ian Adamson’s book on Adventure Racing, Fixing Your Feet by Jon Vonhof, and of course, Squiggly Lines by Mark Latanzi.
ome of Ian’s favorite motto’s are to never stop exploring, choose the right, and most importantly, enjoy the Journey!

ryan-2011792Team member since 2015

Ryan grew up in sunny Southern California with a real thirst for adventure. Always the avid explorer, he spent his free time in the great outdoors and could always be found in the mountains nearby with his big, trademark smile. These days, he resides in Boulder, Colorado with his beautiful wife and trusty pup. As a full-time engineer at a local software company, he still finds time to fuel is passion – mountain biking, kayaking, running and enjoying every minute of it. Training hard and pushing the limits is what drew him to the sport, the challenge is what keeps him around. He started Adventure Racing in 2005 and has never looked back. After racing in several countries and on numerous teams over the past decade, Ryan is proud to be joining Team Journey Racing again in 2017. As lead navigator, he is excited to help defend Journey's reputation as one of the top teams in the nation.

1476646162-8739160Team member since 2014

My adult athletic career took off in college by playing rugby for Colorado State University for four years, and serving as the team captain my last two years.  Later, I move to the Bay Area and continued playing for the San Francisco Men’s Rugby Club, earning the starting position as Scrum Half in my first season.  During this time, I was chosen to play on the elite under-25 select sides for both the Rocky Mountain Region and the Pacific Coast Men’s Rugby Teams.  While pursuing a graduate degree from University of California, Davis, I picked up rock climbing, which I would pursue with a passion for the next seven years, climbing throughout the Sierra Mountains, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, and West Virginia.  While earning a doctorate from the University of Maryland, I was introduced to mountain biking racing and quickly started placing consistently among the top finishers. After racing in the famed Canaan 24 hours during its earliest incarnation, I was hooked on endurance racing.  Since 1997, I have actively pursued this type of challenge.  I have finished the Leadville 100 MTB five times, all under 9hrs, with a best time of 8:01.  I have also finished in the Leadville Silver Rush 50 in the top ten consistently with my top finish being 3rd place.  I have raced the Cascade Cream Puff 100 on a single speed, the Brian Head Epic 100, the 24hrs of Rio in Steamboat, and have regularly finished among the top ten and/or on the podium.  Along the way, to broaden my experience and maintain year-round fitness, I participate in a variety of endurance races including trail runs, snowshoe races, and skate skiing, such as the Leadville Loppet 44km race. In 2008, I entered my first adventure race and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

tt_2_orig-2161869Team member since 2014 Born in Seattle and now calling Buena Vista, CO home, adventure racer Thomas McKeen has been active in the sport for nearly a decade. He finds BV to be nearly the perfect place to live and train for all facets of adventure racing. Thomas is grateful to live among some of the most amazing mountain peaks this side of the divide, so he is no stranger to acclimatization and he feels this gives him a leg up as he travels the country racing. His back yard offers up world class whitewater rafting, hundreds of steep rock slates for rock climbing, picturesque running trails, and endless mountain biking and cycling opportunities.  
Growing up Thomas spent much of his teenage years canoeing and kayaking on both flat and whitewater in central and north Georgia. After moving to California for college he was turned on to rock climbing by his eventual brother-in-law and now teammate, Dan Buehler. Nearly a decade passed before he transitioned to mountain biking, as the sport sort of caught fire around that time. This is where Thomas discovered his niche for longer races and where his willingness to suffer and his love for enduro was born. He tested his love for ultra-running on the high mountain peaks where he discovered the challenge of long endless miles of endurance, and with all the aspects of a good adventure race learned, all he needed now was an introduction...
Thomas was introduced to Adventure Xstream Race Series that puts on multi-sport races across Colorado and he decided to sign up for a 12-hour race as a solo racer in Moab, Utah. Feeling green with his anticipation having never navigated a race of this kind, his initial expectation was a potential for a “train wreck”. To his amazement he had a great race and ended up in the top 10 and hasn’t looked back since. Thomas enjoys adventure racing 3-4 times a year and feels he keeps his enduro mountain biking skills active with races like the Telluride 100 that he has raced the last couple of years.  
Having raced shorter 6 hour races and many longer 100 hour races Thomas finds his AR sweet spot at 24 hour races, where he can put out nearly maximum efforts so he doesn’t run out of gas before the race ends. Seeing 50 years in the rear view mirror, Thomas feels he is living proof that one can be “pretty good” at a variety of different sporting disciplines and achieve success if one tries hard enough. Some great advice he once received and would pass along to any aspiring racer would be to always work on your weaknesses, humbling, but it works…… ​  Learn more about me here.  p191-9945642Team member since 2016

​Melissa started out competing in swim, track, and mountain biking events and made the switch to endurance racing in 2009. She has competed in a variety of multi-sport events earning podium and top ten finishes as she traveled the United States as a travel nurse. At home again among the hero dirt and single-tack of Fruita’s high desert terrain, Melissa enjoys the delicate balance found between her passion for fitness and adventure, her family, and her professional career. Celebrating 2nd place at the NAARS Championship was a highlight of her 2016 season with Journey Racing. Melissa believes in living life to its fullest, she is an eternal optimist, strives for the positive out of the negative, and enjoys bonding and creating unforgettable memories along the way with her teammates. 

9170224-5367879Team member since 2014

​James is one of the team media guru's of Journey Racing. He started racing in 2006, merely months after marrying Chelsea. After a few experiences with low blood sugar, cramping, etc., James decided to stop holding Chelsea back, as she was obviously MUCH faster! Since then, James has continued to compete on a much smaller scale, but focuses most of his adventure racing attention on supporting the team. ​

5675390-5802333Team member since 2014 ​Danelle is an an incredible athlete with and even more incredible life story.  The world champion racer has competed all over the globe in places like Fiji, New Zealand, Malaysia and many more places.  She's one of the best in her sport and loves the brutal races.  We're super excited to have Danelle on the Journey Team.

Wanna learn more about Danelle?  Listen to this Podcast interview.

Brett Muratori

brett_orig-3469989Team member since 2014 ​​My reason for racing is to force myself into positions where I have to test myself. Put myself up against the most difficult things that civilian life has to offer. I am terrified of water after having, now three, near death experiences with water. Each and every AR forces me to overcome, or at least face, that fear. Each and every AR also allows me to be the workhorse that I know I can be, to prove to myself that I am among the elite. I can push my body to lengths few others can or will.

And lastly, AR allows me to stand apart from my regular life and do one thing that people who know me might be proud of. I live a normal life, standard job, uneventful and lacking anything special. AR helps me differentiate myself in some way to earn the admiration of others, stand apart, be special.

Sean Hayes

1476646709-8389501Team member since 2014 ​I was born without a fully developed spine.  At age 11, those under developments began showing and I had to undergo serious back surgery.  During surgery to fix the one diagnosed problem (Spondylolisthesis), the doctor accidentally cut into my spinal cord not knowing it wasn't covered by bone as it should have been (Spina Bifida). He patched me up and we waited to see how I recovered and whether I would be permanently damaged or not. While a couple nerves were damaged in the process, following some serious prayers, a few unexplained things performed by my God, and a long healing process, I re-learned to walk, then run, then run for hours. I don’t want to take those gifts for granted again. I LOVE sport and the outdoors; and with the knowledge of what it was like to not have it, knowing I likely won't have the ability forever, I have resolved to experience as much of life as I can. I'm addicted to seeing the next horizon and experiencing as much of nature's wonders as I can. Adventure racing feeds that desire and the desire to compete and see how far I can push myself. I am a full-time prosthetist/orthotist, and my husband and I really want to figure out a way to use this AR stuff to help the world out in some way or another.  Currently, we’re trying to set the stage in our attempts at developing the AR community in Colorado and putting on races.

Chelsea's detailed racing resume can be viewed here.  

Derek Allison

m-and-d-6095316Team member since 2017 ​

​Derek is currently a athletic trainer has been adventure racing since 2014. Derek grew up in Rhode Island riding BMX bikes; building trails, playing baseball, and ice hockey. There isn't a sport he hasn’t tried or won’t attempt. His current favorites include mountain biking, ice climbing, trail running, rock climbing and whitewater kayaking. Derek’s favorite thing about adventure racing is the challenge of multiple sports over multiple days and working as a team to navigate some of the most spectacular terrain. Being in the mountains is of essential importance to Derek and he is out camping almost every weekend somewhere in Colorado with his wife Hilary and dog Logan. Derek joins us as one of Journey’s newest squad member.

Colin Hamel

colin-hamel-1-5000330Team member since 2016 ​Colin Hamel hails from the legendary heartland of wheat, where sunbeams accent golden waves along the rolling hills and prairies. Upon the dawn of his 18th year, Kansas could not hold his wild soul, thus embarking on the adventure that has planted him in many foreign lands, earning keep by means of the highly acclaimed title: Wilderness Guide. Mountaineering in Ecuador, Bush Navigation and Rafting in Australia, and Mountain Biking and Rock Climbing in the Sierra Nevada range of California, have proven a strong base for teaming up and contributing to a competitive adventure racing team.

Colin’s debut race with Journey Racing was the Gold Rush in 2016, in which a strong 2nd place was earned. He is currently residing in Salt Lake City, Utah, working as a Wilderness Recreation Coordinator and EMT/Firefighter. An interest in Adventure Racing was piqued in 2005 by the furious curiosity and determination of his brother Fletcher. After many years away from the sport, having conquered the dragons keeping him at a distance, and now with roots setting ever stronger in the Rocky Mountain West, Colin is ready to rejoin the pursuit of personal suffering that is AR.

March 13 - Team Training Weekend
April 15 - Genesis AR May 6 - Team Training Weekend May 28 - Gunnison Growler June 2-4- NOMAD 2 Day AR ​July 22 - Never Summer AR ​August 10-17- Cowboy Tough World Champ September 6-15- Primal Quest September 21- USARA Championship

Septemebr 24- The Crippler Gravel Grinder

HMAR St. George 72 Hour Race
Results: 2nd Overall Team Training Weekend - Fruita

Offroad Rage
Results: 7th

Results: 2nd, 3rd & 4th place teams The Teton Ogre
​Results: 3rd Place

Cowboy Tough - 4 Day Race
​Worlds Qualifier

​Results: 7th Place

Never Summer AR
Results: 4th & 7th North American AR Championship
Results: 2nd Place

Big Chill 24 hour Adventure Race
Results: 1st Place 2 Coed,1st Place Solo Male

Adventure Xstream 12 hour MOAB
Results: 1st Place 2 Coed​, 5th Place Male

Snare the Bear 12 hour FRAR Club Race
Results: 1st Place Overall AR World Series Race:Untamed New England
Results: 2nd Place Open, 19th Overall Cameco REV3 Cowboy Tough 5 day AR
Results: 5th Place

World Rogaining Championships 

Adventure Xstream 12 hour Glenwood Springs
Results: 1st Place 2 Male

AXS Moab Expedition
Results: First Place 2 Coed