Pros and cons of betting on cycling and how to do it correctly

Have you ever heard about sports betting? Of course, you have. Although soccer, MMA, basketball and hockey seem to be the most common options to try, ‘underdogs’ disciplines are worth paying attention to. Among them you can easily find cycling. So what are its advantages and disadvantages? And how to succeed in such a gambling?

Betting on cycling – strengths and weaknesses

As the sport attracts more and more attention from both bookmakers and gamesters, there is a need to look through its particularities.
Among cycling betting pros are:

  • the ability to make analysis of all essential indicators effortlessly;
  • the high frequency of making sensations, especially during one-day or staged multi-days races;
  • the presence of cycling events online streaming (it’s not difficult to find broadcasting of the races);
  • the lucrative odds for elite tours or competitions.
  • Among cycling betting cons are:
  • the lack of significant touring events;
  • the poor bookmaking line (some offices offer only stakes for the result);
  • the low gambling limit.

Since it’s a niche sport, you won’t find low profit margins or high stakes, but it doesn’t mean you can’t profit significantly. For this pre-event analysis and choosing of strategy must be done.

What are the main cycling betting strategies?

There are no special tactics, though you may elaborate your own mixed ones. Here we offer the most common financial strategies for gambling.

According to this plan of actions, between 1% and 5% of the bankroll is usually set depending on personal expectations of the time. The higher the probability that you will win the stake, the higher the bet amount. However, it should not exceed 5%, otherwise the process will be risky.
The advantage of the Flat system is the minimal risk, since gamesters only gamble a small part of the bankroll. But mention the disadvantage – the slow bankroll growth for the same reason is applied.

Catching up
This sport strategy is based on staking on the same outcome before checking. In this case, the amount of the next prediction In the event of a loss is increased to cover previous losses and bring benefits.
The pro is that the profit is guaranteed, however, you can’t
know which bet is in the account. Hence the con is the high risk, since it may be necessary to place several bets before the winning result is obtained.
In cycling, the victory of a top sprinter on flat stages is essential to mind.

Few athletes to gamble on
It’s suitable for staking on the ultimate winner. The idea is to select several leading candidates for the final victory and bet a proportional amount on them. In almost all big multi-day races, three or four favorites win. Yes, the returns are unlikely to be large, but they are guaranteed.
Other strategies can be used to make winning predictions in cycling. Most of them depend on good financial management.

Useful tips to consider

While gambling on cycling don’t forget to:

  • make a comprehensive sports analysis, taking into account the level, achievements and results of the riders’ previous performance, as well as their shape and motivation;
  • separate the stages’ outcomes from the general ones, because each stage is essentially a separate competition with its own favorites and outsiders;
  • study the differences in the types of track racing (road, sprint and others) to distinguish athletes by their skills;
  • prefer large sport tournaments, as they are more predictable;
  • pick several favorites in a multi-days races (one of them will surely have a good chance of winning);
  • inquire about the health state of the chosen participant (it’s very important in multi-days competitions);
  • take into account the margin and choose the bookmakers with the best odds in order to get more advantages in the long run.

To sum up: how to win in cycling betting?

The answer is obvious – just study, develop, enjoy and stake. Then fortune will surely help you.